MOCA (ClariVein)
MOCA (ClariVein)

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MOCA varicose vein treatment using the patented ClariVein catheter is a new endovascular technique for the treatment of venous reflux disease.

It is the first venous ablation technique to employ a hybrid (dual-injury) technique built into 1 catheter-based delivery system.

  1. Endomechanical abrasion of the vessel endothelia is produced by the tip of the catheter’s rotating wire (mechanical component).
  2. Endovenous chemical ablation is induced simultaneously by the injection of a sclerosant drug sprayed from the tip of the catheter as it is pulled back.

The procedure with ClariVein is minimally invasive and takes less than 30 minutes and has several benefits, including minimal patient discomfort during and after the procedure.

As the procedure is relatively recent, insurance coverage may not be available.

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