Why Choose Optima Vein Care
Why Choose Optima Vein Care

Don't let varicose veins stop you from living your life. Schedule a leg screening today.

Meet Our Doctors

Optima Vein Care vein specialists are board-certified leaders in the field of venous disease. Our team of experts will tailor a treatment plan for your venous condition for optimal results.

Dr. Paul Sos, M.D.

Dr. Paul Sos, M.D., is the founder of Optima Vein Care and one of the first physicians to become Board Certified in Phlebology.

Dr. John Opie, M.D.

Dr. John Opie, M.D., is recognized for his innovative work in the treatment of deep venous insufficiency (DVI)

Dr. Frank Bonavita, M.D.

Dr. Frank Bonavita, M.D., is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease and specializes in varicose vein disease.

Dr. Robert David Stoffey, D.O.

Dr. Robert David Stoffey, D.O., is a board-certified physician providing state-of-the-art, total vein care to patients.

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Insurance Coverage

We participate with Medicare and most health insurance plans. In general vein treatments fall under one of two categories: Medically Necessary or Cosmetic. Insurance companies use varying criteria in order to determine if a vein treatment is to be considered “medically necessary”. These criteria may include one or more of the following:

Lifestyle Disruption

The daily activities of the patient must be disrupted significantly.


The patient must be experiencing pain as a result of their vein disorder.

Failure of Conservative Measures

Other methods of treatment, such as compression hose, have failed to provide adequate relief.

Vein Size

Bulging veins larger than 4 mm are often considered medically significant.


Complications, such as phlebitis, bleeding veins, leg swelling and leg ulceration.

Our billing department will submit claims for medically necessary procedures and furnish you with all the financial information at our disposal for you to make an informed decision concerning your vein treatment protocol. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by heath insurance plans

Free Venous Screening

To help you make an informed decision concerning the management of your particular venous profile, we welcome you to a free venous screening. This is an ideal way to evaluate your symptoms and to assess the severity of the underlying problem. We can address your objectives and furnish pertinent information about a treatment plan and estimated cost.

Most often the initial recommendation is to schedule a venous duplex ultrasound examination. This imaging test is performed onsite and pinpoints areas of venous reflux responsible for your symptoms. The test and office visit to discuss the results may be scheduled the same day. The overall results orient as to whether your diagnosis and treatment plan can be considered medically necessary (covered by insurance plans) versus cosmetic (cash pay).

Call today to schedule your free venous screening at (480) 550-9815

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Optima Vein Care vein specialists have been featured in Phoenix Magazine Top Doctors magazine from 2007 – 2018

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