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Compression Therapy

Compression therapy consists of stockings, panty hose, bandages and other devices that exert compression on your legs for the purpose of improving circulation. It is the most conservative treatment option to alleviate the symptoms of venous insufficiency and to retard the progression of the disease.

Properly fitted gradient compression stockings provide 20-30, 30-40 or 40-50 mm HG of compression at the ankle, with gradually decreasing compression at more proximal levels of the leg. This amount of gradient compression is sufficient to restore normal venous flow patterns in many or most patients with superficial venous reflux and to improve venous flow, even in patients with severe deep venous incompetence. The degree of compression will vary depending on your specific condition.

Compression is also used as adjuvant treatment to enhance the effectiveness of other treatment modalities. Most patients with symptoms due to venous insufficiency can benefit from the effects of gradient compression hose.